Tenant FAQs

Booking Stalls Has Never Been Easier

Search actual prices, find available stalls and pay for your boarding through Staller.com

Why Staller?

Transparency and ease-of-booking define us. You’ll find current stall prices and more barn options in one place than anywhere else. If you see a stall(s) or barn that you would like to rent, sign-up as Staller member and make a booking request. Once the booking is confirmed, simply pay online using our secure payment system.

What type of stalls can I rent?

Our listings include single stall and entire equine facility rentals that may be offered daily or for the whole season. From dry stall to full board, choose whatever best fits your needs.

Can I send multiple requests for stall bookings at different properties?

Yes, you can send multiple inquiries. Our platform allows for easy tracking of messages to and from horse stable owners. When you get a match, just complete the request to authorize payment. Every booking must be manually accepted by the horse boarding facility to ensure safety for both parties.

What are the booking fees for stall rentals?

It's free to create an account and search horse boarding properties. When you are ready to book, we will show you the barn charges and any applicable fees.

There is a 2% Payment Processing Fee associated with the Boarding Fees on your Booking Order which will be fully disclosed on your final invoice.

What are the payment options?

Credit and debit cards

We pride ourselves on being the first digital platform to accept credit and debit cards as a payment option for booking horse stalls rent on private properties.

Bank transfers

With customer authorization, Staller can debit funds from a checking account through ACH or wire transfer (available also with international transactions).

How is the security deposit handled?

The security deposit will be refunded by the property owner at the end of the stay if there are no damages.

Are cancellations allowed?

The cancellation policy for each horse stable is shown on the site as part of its listing. Upon notification, Staller will refund eligible amounts due to the tenant based on this policy.

Note that all reservations are final 24 hours prior to arrival and are subject to a 2% Cancellation Fee.

What does my booking include?

Each property offers specific amenities whether you decide to rent dry stall or full board. Amenities are specified and listed in each property profile. Please read carefully the amenities included in your rental.

Please note that Staller serves as an initial intermediary between tenants and barn owners. Any agreements and/or contracts are between the tenant and the property owner.

How does Staller handle any disputes or misrepresentation of a barn or stall?

Any disputes are between the tenant and property owner and governed by the individual lease agreement. Staller does not resolve disputes between tenants and property owners.

How do I learn more about the barn listed on Staller?

Get to know your horse stable owner through their profiles and confirmed reviews. You can also interact with them through our chat platform for a more personalized touch.

Our star rating system also provides an additional source of reference for both tenants and property owners.

Have Additional Questions?

Contact Customer Support by emailing us at hello@staller.com or calling toll-free during regular business hours at 1-(833)-STALLER (1-833-782-5537).

Property Owner FAQs

Renting Your Barn Just Got Easier

List your stalls

Describe your property and offered amenities, set your price and upload your barn photos. Fully booked? No problem! Update your account whenever a stall opens up.

Confirm a Booking Request

Receive requests from guests along with their travel expectations. If it looks right, “Confirm the booking”.

Get paid

Staller takes care of handling payments to your designated account.

Why list with Staller?

You will get maximum exposure for your horse stable especially leading up to the top competitions. And, through our integrated messaging, booking and payment system, we provide helpful tools and reporting so that you spend less time on the rental process and more time running your barn.

Do I need a real estate broker?

Staller has everything covered. As a property owner, just create your property account, pick your price, and list your horse stalls for rent. It’s that simple.

How do I communicate with potential tenants?

You’ll get a request from your guest and an e-mail from us too. You can read about the future tenant and horses by reading their profile before confirming the Booking Request.

What does it cost?

There are no fees to set up an account and add stall listings. When a booking is confirmed, Staller charges the Horse Boarding Facility a Service Fee, which is 8.5% of the stall rental amount.

How will I get paid?

We deposit funds directly into your bank account when the reservation becomes final and is no longer cancellable.

How does Staller handle cancellations and refunds?

Your individual cancellation and refund policy is published on the site for tenant review and is included in all confirming emails. All reservations are final 24 hours before arrival.

Can I set my own terms and rules?

Stall rental terms and rules are set by the barn and governed by the internal agreement between the tenant and barn owner.

How do I manage my barn profile?

Property owners can update prices or availability instantly through our online dashboard or by contacting Customer Service.

Can I list stalls across different properties?

Yes! As a horse stable owner, you can manage all of your properties in your Staller profile.

Can I participate as a property owner and a tenant?

Yes, many property owners also rent and Staller has the solution with two accounts designed for each purpose.

How do I learn more about future tenants?

Get to know your future boarders through their profiles and by interacting with them through our chat platform.

Need extra help or have additional questions?

Our Customer Support Service is available to assist with setting up your profile or any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out to us at hello@staller.com or by calling 1(833)-STALLER (1-833-782-5537).

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